Suzie Nepal girl

  • Nationality: Nepal
  • Age: 20
  • Cup: C Cup
  • Height: 158 cm

20 yrs, young sexy hot Nepalese girl with superb service. Gentle, The photo only for reference.

Suzie weekly schedules:
//Monday (6-12am) //Tuesday (6-12am) //Wednesday (6-12am) //Thursday (6-12am) //Friday (8-2am) //Saturday (8-2am) //Sunday (6-12am)

Suzie Nepal girl

20 yrs, young sexy hot Nepalese girl with superb service. Gentle, 100% positive feedback . The photo is NOT real pic and only for reference.

68 responses to “Suzie Nepal girl”

  1. Livio says:

    Email me back I wanna book

  2. Lynn says:

    ABC means Australian born Chinese. So, please don’t say she is ABC

    • Admin says:

      sure darling, Jakie is the ABC, not Suzie. actually Suzie is from Nepal – a very cute Nepalese beauty. thanks

  3. Dang says:

    Any other Nepalese girls other than Suzie?

  4. Rocky says:

    Is Susie available tonight ??

  5. Mazom says:

    Is she working today?

  6. Daddy says:

    Is she working now?

  7. Hustafa says:

    Is Suzie working tonight? Does she offer diamond service

  8. Aussie says:

    When is she working next?

  9. johnyy says:

    does suzie do unlimited shots?
    how much for 1hr

  10. Nik says:

    Hi, I would love to see Suzie. Is she workitoday? If not, do you have any other Nepalese/Indian girls working today?

  11. Admin says:

    pls call shop for the latest her information

  12. Ziyab says:

    Is haw available

  13. Anonymous says:

    is she is workng today

  14. Kp oli says:

    Is she working today ?? Or any other nepalese/indian girl working today??

  15. Annn says:

    Is she working today Monday

  16. Rockey says:

    What is diamond service actualky ???

  17. Raone says:

    When will she work

  18. Raone says:

    How to book her

  19. Boss says:


  20. Biz says:

    Is she still available ?how far and deep does she go ??

  21. tu says:

    how many shots for diamond

  22. Me says:

    I am looking for a service.

  23. Jack says:

    Suzie abailable

  24. Sunny says:

    Hi why can’t you post her real photo?

  25. Anonymous says:

    when suzie ie avilable

  26. TK says:

    Is Suxie in today?

  27. Jazz says:

    Just want to book her tonight

  28. cello says:

    Hi can you post her real photo?

  29. Nims says:

    Is suzie available

  30. Suman nepal says:

    Is suzie available tonight

  31. Raj says:

    Hi, let me know the availability and the location please

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. Anonymous says:

    Is suzie still working ? Boi

  34. naughty says:

    Is suzie available?

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