Cherry 可爱

A lovely cute Singaporean girl, size 6. Very beautiful and sexy. Worth the try!

Suzie Nepali girl

20 yrs, young sexy hot Nepalese girl with superb service. Gentle, 100% positive feedback

Suzie 尼泊尔大学生

20 yrs, Young sexy hot Nepalese girl with superb service. 100% positive feedback. Pic is only for reference.

Alice little sexy Angel

24 yrs, naughty Japanese girl is finally arrived. Slim size, D cup, really cute. She is very good with Diamond and Golden services. 性格和服务都超级好的女生

Coco 温柔知性

身材高挑,样貌温柔知性!from Singapore, size 6, very sweetly girl, much patient, great diamond service.

May 口技一流。

25 yrs, 162 cm, C Cup, very good at bbbj, the feedback is good. 口技一流。

Bella wildcat

26 yrs, 狂野性感美女, 丰骚浪漫 + 诱惑

Bella wildcat is back

26 yrs, new arrival sexy girl from Singapore. BIG Boobs and Ass

Gina 宅男女神

23 yrs, 宅男女神,清纯不失小性感 服务棒,会聊天.  Perfect party girl for you guys!!! Don’t miss her

Gina last day in shop

23 yrs pretty,  last day in our shop in Sydney. Will fly to Melbourne on Saturday. Beautiful and sexy body